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Connect to your

inner flow Find your inner focus through movement

Find your inner focus through movement

Weflow is a physical,
mental and spiritual
journey through
mindful movement

Weflow is a physical, mental and spiritual journey that unleashes our inner potential to connect with the energy field of the body, discover our true infinite nature and become fully present through the awakening power of movement.

Video sessions from 2 to +15min with Rudi and Julia who will guide you through physical and energetic movement sequences fusing Tai-Chi, Dance & Meditation to flow through life with more focus, calmness and flexibility.

Our body is Alive

Energy flows to, through and all around us. This movement is essential to life.

Our cells Communicate

Becoming formless through the form, wave and particle unfold in the dance of the soul.

Our atoms Vibrate

A unique nature at home experience

Lakes, mountains, forests, waterfalls and much more... travel around the world with Rudi & Julia who will help you find your own fluidity, right from the comfort of your own home. Access a library of more than 90 videos!

Depending on how you feel in the moment you can choose to join us for a Flow - defined fluid sequences fusing elements of Tai-Chi, Dance and Yoga, or explore our Odysseys - for a freer ride through Guided Meditations, Free Movement Improvisations & Breath work. Check our Explore section to know more!

Explanatory studio sessions

Each Flow in nature has an explanatory session in the studio, where Julia & Rudi describe in detail the pathway and intention of the movement.

Weflow practice brings decades of movement experience into a holistic whole, fusing concepts from Western dance training and the Eastern approaches, including Tai-chi, Qigong, Moving Breath & Yoga. The circular, fluid and rhythmic movements of the Flows are designed to make you feel more flexible, calm, strong, focused and coordinated.

Each day of training is to experience a true trance, in the most vast meaning of the word.

“I discovered such a strong strength and energy for the first time of my life, that was so intriguing, scheming and powerful, thank you.”

“I am in love with these sessions, it is not yoga, it is not tai-chi, it is not meditation, it is not qi-gong, it is all this and a new thing at the same time! It is a true wholeness experience.”

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Join today to start feeling more… Focused Coordinated Flexible Calm

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